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Below you will find a small selection of machines sold to various countries. 
This page will continually expand to illustrate the range and quality of machines that we supply!

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5-col Large Format Coater KBA162a-5LV 2005 --> sold in The Netherland

 BM4626 - Extra large format coater from KBA - a young and most attractive machine - coming from top class German printing company in Berlin. Dismantled by our team, transported to Holland where we mounted it at a renowned cardboard manufacturer.

Machine in Berlin at its first owner
Setting machine onto plinth in its new home
Forklift work in assembly
View at raised machine with adapted gallery
View from delivery side onto coating unit
Dismantling work by our engineers
Fitting upper units
Machine ready for wiring
View from feeder
Coating and printing units

5-col Large Format MAN-Roland R905-6 LV 1996 --> sold in Belgium

BM4427 - large format coater from manroland  - a most attractive machine - coming from top class German displayer (first 2 photos) - printing now for a happy Belgium printer very heavy cardboard boxes (last 2 photos)

Machine at seller's location in Germany
...printing high quality displays
New location in Belgium
...printing up to 1,7mm solid board

8-col Heidelberg SM102-8P 1998 --> sold in South Africa

BM3707 - dismantled, completely cleaned & checked & refurbished - then mounted by our team in beautiful Cape Town.

South Africa is beautiful
Beautiful Cape
Pulsating Durban
South Africa is worth while visiting
Georgous Kruger Park

5-col Roland R705 2000 --> sold in Italy

BM4039 - purchased from Denmark's foremost printing house for an overseas customer, who did not come up with the finance. We took this beautiful machine into stock and sold it then to a colleague in Italy.

5-col Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 102-5 2000 --> sold in Korea

BM3995 - dismantled in Gothenburg and loaded directly into container

6-col Roland R706LV 1996 --> sold in China

BM2935 - dismantled in Scandinavia and loaded directly into containers

4-col Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 52-4 2000 --> sold in Indonesia

BM3823 - purchased from Heidelberg agency - fully refurbished and test-printed in our workshop in Dinslaken
 - sold to top Indonesian client.

2-col Roland R702P 1999 --> sold in Australia

BM2927 - dismantled in Berlin - interim storage in our warehouse in Dinslaken and here containerised

2-col Heidelberg SM72-ZP 1979 --> sold in Libya

BM1608 - machine has been fully cleaned & refurbished and test-printed in our works in Dinslaken

Machine Parcel (3 MO, 2 Polar, 1 Stitcher)--> sold in Ghana

All machines have been fully cleaned & refurbished. Thereafter they have been installed and fully tested.
Heidelberg MO machines ran on demanding Heidelberg tests plate, Polars were tested on all programmes
and cutting precision. Agrafix was tested on paper & book stitching. This stringent test-programme ensures
that machine arrive in excellent condition, producing from the moment they are installed and switched on.

BM4698 MO-E 1978, alcohol & refrigeration, Plus Version
BM4615-P115EL 1969
BM4654 P112EL 1968
BM4679 MO-S 1990, Crestline dampening, Plus Version
BM4701 MO-E 1982, Plus Version
BM4677 Agrafix wire stitcher

1-col Heidelberg KORD64 1978 --> sold in Nigeria

BM1610 - machine has been fully refurbished and test-printed prior to dispatch

..another KORD64 1971 at another time for another customer in Nigeria

BM4079 - also fully refurbished and test-printed prior to dispatch

4-col Heidelberg Speedmaster SM72VP'1991 CPTronic --> sold in Mauritius

BM0410 - purchased from small German printer, completely cleaned & checked & refurbished
 - then mounted by our engineer Michael in fantastic Mauritius!

Schneider Senator 92 E-Line 2000 --> verkauft in Mauritius

BM4542 - another fully refurbished machine for the holiday paradise Mauritius. 
Such excellent references are our very best marketing aids.

Heidelberg Letterpress-Cutter&Creaser: SBG => Iceland & SBB => Korea

1626 Heidelberg SBG 1962 sold in ICELAND
1627 Heidelberg SBB 1962 sold in KOREA

4-col Heidelberg MOV 1988 --> sold in South Africa

BM2520 - dismantled in Austria and directly containerised

2-col Roland RZFOB 1991 --> sold in the Middle East

BM2754 - dismantled by our team in our capital Berlin and directly containerised

1-col Heidelberg QM46 1995 --> sold in Moldavia

BM2002 - machine cleaned and test-printed prior to despatch

5-col Heidelberg SM102FP 1992 --> sold in Nigeria

BM4130 - A turn-key project! Coming from a medium-sized German printer, the machine was fully cleaned, checked and serviced before being shipped to Nigeria.
Our engineers Michael & Henry installed it in Lagos and Wolfgang - our Heidelberg printing instructor - put it into operation.

4-col Miller TP 94-4 1992 --> sold in Korea

BM3826 - machine dismantled in France and directly loaded into container

1-col Heidelberg GTO52-1 1996 --> sold in Crete - Griechenland

BM1660 - machine fully refurbished in our works and print-tested prior to despatch

5-col R705 1996 --> sold in Hong Kong

BM2036 - machine contanerised directly ex printing house

Guillotine Specialist

We are very strong in Guillotines and also hold a large stock of Polar spares, especially for older models.

BM1614 P137'85 --> South Africa
BM1617 P92CE'72 --> Germany
BM1621 P92'84 --> Kuwait
BM1623 P115EMC'81 --> Cape Town, South Africa
BM2043 P115CE'73 --> Libya
BM2187 P90CE'72 --> Nigeria
BM2302 P90CE'84 --> Spain
BM2412 P115EMC'81 --> Nigeria
BM2576 P72CE'77 --> Germany
BM2627 P115CE'1972 --> Egypt
BM3092 Schneider Senator 185mc2'85 --> Germany
BM3167 P107EL'64 --> Ghana
BM3425 P90EL'71 --> Kenya
BM4097 P150EL'72 --> Germany
BM4098 P80EL'60 --> Tanzania
BM4432 P76EM'95 --> Greece
BM4621 P155EMC'82 AutoTrim --> Germany
BM4621 P155EMC'82 Close-up of AutoTrim --> DE

4-col Heidelberg SM74-4-PH+L DI 2000 --> sold in Southern Africa

BM4166 - this 4-col coater with CP2000 Center is printing top-quality

Solna D25 Web-Offset-Press with Sheeter --> sold in Ethiopia

BM2282 - purchased in Belgium - interim storage in our warehouse in Dinslaken and containerised here

GOSS Community SSC Web-Offset cut-off 22.3/4 --> sold in South Africa

BM4678 - purchased in the very north of Norway and sent directly to our partner in South Africa, who fully refurbished it for large Southern African newspaper group.

2 units 1-col Heidelberg GTO52-1 1992+1995 --> sold in USA

BM2726+BM2068 - fully refurbished and converted to Dry Offset machines for use by the world most renowned card printers HALLMARK Inc.

Hallmark Inc. Repeat Order: Heidelberg GTO52-2P + GTO52-1

We are proud to receive from world's renowed card manufacturer HALLMARK Inc a repeat order for two more fully refurbished Heidelberg GTO machines.

Upper two photos show both fully being installed at Hallmark premises Topeka, KS, USA.
Lower two photos show refurbishing work done in our workshop.

4557 GTO52-2 installed at customer's factory
- fully dismantling machine & refurbishing it
4574 GTO52-1 installed at customer's factory
- setting of new pincer gripper unit

7-col Planeta P77-3 VCF VD 1985 --> sold in Korea

BM4143 - purchased in Southern Germany, dismantled by our engineers and directly loaded into containers
and onto flats. With more than 100 tons - a real "heavy" job well done by Michael & Henry.

4-col Roland Parva RVP2C 1988 --> sold in South Africa

BM1607 - this exceptional machine was purchased from the German Army's map printing facilities - installed in our workshop and test-printed with a most demanding test-form

2-col Hashimoto 652PA 1999 --> sold in USA

BM1599 - this machine with only 4m impressions was taken as a trade-in from the USA - brought to Germany - and later sold in the USA again

1-col GTO52 1995 --> sold in Tanzania

BM2160 - machine fully refurbished, test-printed in our works prior to despatch

Polar 80 EL 1960 --> sold in Tanzania

BM4098 - machine checked, cleaned, serviced and tested in our works prior to despatch

5-col Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 102-5, 2001 --> sold in Spain

BM3695 - dismantled in Germany by our team and loaded directly onto lorry

Heidelberg Platen OHT --> sold in Africa

BM1815 - machine checked, cleaned, serviced and tested in our works prior to despatch

4-col KBA 105-4, 1997 --> sold in Lebanon

BM3703 - dismantled in Norway and loaded directly into containers

4-col manroland R204, 1991 --> sold in Brasil

B3252 - purchased in Poland - price was the essence of this deal.
Therefore only high-technical repairs done in Dinslaken, rest done by customer himself in Brasil

Horizon BQ440 1994 Perfect Binder --> sold in South Africa

BM3789 - coming from a small German imprinting plant the BQ440 is now binding books in beautiful Jacaranda-city Pretoria

4-col Roland R804-6 1974 --> sold in Hong Kong

BM4545 - traded-in against our R905-6LV (see further up) and sold to Hong Kong - fully dismantled by our engineers to fit into standard containers!

R804-6 despite its age - still working fine
Henry slinging machine to lift it off its base
R804-6 view from the delivery side
Michael "tight fitting" machine into container

2-col Miller TP 104-2 1990 --> sold in Korea

BM2490 - purchased in Germany and shipped directly to Korea

4-col Komori L440 EHa 2001 --> sold in France

BM3358 - purchased in Scandinavia for stock - now it is printing top quality jobs in France

2-col Roland Parva RZP2C 1985 --> sold in Turkey

BM1603 - this exceptional machine - together with a 4-col RVP2C - was purchased from the German Army's map printing facilities - installed in our workshop and test-printed with a most demanding test-form

Parcel of small machines --> sold in Kenya

BM0904 - even though a real small order for us, it is being executed with utmost care and responsibility,
because we never forget, no order is small for our customer!

4-col Heidelberg SM74-4H 1995 --> sold in Malta

BM0214 - purchased from a small German printer - fully refurbised in our workshop - installed by our engineers in beautiful Malta. Our guys really loved it!

4-col Heidelberg GTOV-S 1994 --> sold in Hong Kong

BM0405 -coming from a small printer in Southern Germany - purchased for a customer in Indonesia, who then
could not raise finance - taken to our works and fully refurbished - finally sold to a colleague in Hong Kong for
the Chinese market.

1-col Heidelberg GTO46 1980 --> sold in Uganda

BM1620 - machine purchased in Belgium, fully refurbished, test-printed in our works - sold to a Mission Station in Uganda. Besides a KORD64 - which we supplied as well - the GTO46 doing all their work, including 4-colour printing. We received their beautiful 4-col calendar printed on this machine.

Polar 72 CE 1979 --> sold in Germany

BM1617 - machine came from Sweden, fully refurbished and sold to a small German printer

2-col Heidelberg GTOZ52 1991 --> sold in South Africa

BM3861 - coming from Germany, we refurbished it, so that for a long time the new owner in Durban
gets a lot of joy and profit out of his investment.

Schneider Senator 185mc2 1985 --> sold in Germany

BM3092 - this excellent "near to new guillotine" was purchased from German Army print shop and installed
by our engineers in a large German printing house