Refurbishing - Repair - Maintenance

We sell many machines direct ex printing works "as is and as inspected".  Despite high price sensitivity a growing number of customers go for quality. They look for machines that are refurbished or renovated - in terms of technical quality and optical appearance.

The attitude of your employees and especially also of your customers towards a machine in mint condition is much more positive than towards a worn out machine.

Dirt and neglected maintenace are the main reasons for technical problems during printing. For this reason a thorough cleandown with subsequent service and greasing of all moving parts, gripper bars, cam followers is the foundation for any refurbishing work. A new coat of original paint - resistant against acids and solvents - rounds up the refurbishing.

Technical aspects have highest priority! There we make no compromise! Worn-out parts are replaced with original spares and they are fitted and set in accordance with manufacturers' guide lines.

After completion the machine is mounted in our warehouse and test-printed with a demanding test-plate. Here the small flaws - that impede production after installation - are eliminated.

Often the business is only completed with the installation of the machine throughout the world. Some of our foreign assignments have been in Nigeria, South Africa, USA, Egypt, Mauritius, Malta, Kuwait and various countries in Europe.